SeeSaw 3Dprojector

Animated 3D projection for viewing it as if it is 3D.



Input: Active 3D time series stack.

Output: A stack with the time-series of 3D projected images with incrementally changing angles.

Methods for the visualization 3D time series is mostly limited to a sequence of volume- or surface rendered images. This script is a trial using another way, to visualize 3D dynamics by swinging 3D data back and forth in certain axis artificially to let us recognize its depth information (see the above GIF animation). The resulting animation provides a 3D-like-impression, allowing us to interpret movements in different distances from the view-point.




Download the See-Saw 3Dprojector macro from the repository and follow the instruction in “Installing Scripts”.


After executing this macro, the user is asked to input some parameters for setting up the condition. See the table below for explanation about each of those parameters. After this, clicking ‘OK’ will start the processing and the SeeSaw 3D stack is automatically generated and appears on your desktop.

Parameter Description
Projection Method Choose one projection method from drop-down menu.
Rotation Axis The axis of rotation (swinging)
Time Points Total number of time points to process,
Slice Spacing [pixels] Z slice spacing in pixels, counted against resolution (1 pixel) in XY plane.
Angle Increments [degrees] Increment in degrees for calculating 3D projections in different angles.
Return Angle [degrees] SeeSaw angle. The value should be 0 < and < 180.